The main national dishes of different countries of the world. Part 1

The main national dishes of different countries of the world. Part 1

Each country has its own culinary traditions. As a general rule, regional dishes based on local ingredients and spices, recipes and their preparation are carefully preserved and passed down from generation to generation. To prepare the dish can be used a variety of ways of cooking, so for residents of other countries, some combination of products and method of cooking may even seem strange. Nevertheless, many of these dishes are a matter of national pride.

Thank them for a long time spread through the world. Individual meals can even cook outside the country, but in the original version of the dish is better to go to the place where tradition honed his cooking for centuries. These national dish is the culinary symbols of their countries, and is certainly worth a try, if you were in their homeland.

Pasty, UK.


The dish is typical of the south-western regions of England, but it has spread across the country. Pasty – This oval-shaped cake with a stuffing, in which can be used as various kinds of meat or vegetables.

Peking Duck, China.


Hallmark of Chinese cuisine is a duck. She rubbed with honey and bake in the oven. Peking duck is served with sauces and cakes.

Tandoori chicken, India.


Homeland of acute specialties poultry is considered to be the Indian state of Punjab. From there, the chicken tandoori spread throughout India. Before cooking the chicken marinated in yoghurt with different spices, and then baked in a special oven tandoori.

Sushi, Japan.


Japanese cuisine is unthinkable without the land. Comprising a dish of rice and fillings of meat, vegetables or fish.

Falafel, Israel.


Although the history of this dish began in Egypt, it is in Israel it has become a culinary symbol of the country. This is due to the incredibly popular dishes among locals. Falafel is a balls of chickpeas and beans with the addition of herbs and spices. They are fried in oil until golden brown and served with sauce and tortilla.

Haggis, Scotland.


The national dish of Scotland invented the poor in times of the poet Robert Burns, decided to usefully use sheep guts. The heart, liver and lungs of an animal is mixed with onion, bacon, spices, stuffed sheep’s stomach and they cook it. Haggis is served with mashed swedes and potatoes.

Paella, Spain.


The main ingredients of the Spanish national dishes are rice, saffron and olive oil. The regional variations are added to them seafood, chicken or vegetables. The dish is a symbol of Valencia.

Kimchi, Korea.


The main place in Korean cuisine takes kimchi – pickled vegetables and hot spices. The main component of the dish is the cabbage. To it add hot pepper, onion, ginger and garlic and other vegetables to taste or plants of the cabbage family.

Moules frites, Belgium.


Fish and seafood are considered one of the key ingredients in the Belgian kitchen. It is with seafood and prepares a popular national dish of moules frites. It consists of two components: fresh mussels and second national treasure of the country – fries.

Pad thai, Thailand.


Pad thai is a symbol of Thai cuisine. For the most delicious variations of it should go to the street food traders. The composition of dishes include rice noodles, tamarind sauce, shrimp, roasted peanuts and a number of other additional ingredients. Preparing pad thai wok by fast roasting.

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