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The history of guava

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The history of guava I love guava. After all, her flesh so juicy, the taste is similar simultaneously on strawberries, apple and pineapple. But I do not like it just an abundance of seeds. And I drink it so my first under a stream of cold water Cut the peel, I cut into slices and […]

Spanish Cocido

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Spanish Cocido Fresh vegetables and herbs, fish and seafood on the grill, olive oil, garlic and herbs, cheeses and light fruit desserts, yogurt, a little wine, nuts and honey … This is my favorite food, but stick to such a diet is not always possible, and, arrived in Spain, Italy or the south of France, […]

How to cook grilled chicken

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How to cook grilled chicken You can cook on the grill is not only a whole chicken, but the chicken wings, legs, thighs, breasts and other parts of this wonderful bird. Generally, there is no other product which would be so perfect for grilling. Chicken on the grill — not only an ideal choice for […]

How to cook the beets

How to cook the beets When it comes to sugar beet, there a clear division into two camps: the most ardent supporters of the root and its opponents. In this menu the last vegetable crop gets extremely rare, if not absent. Dislike for this product is usually associated with persistent associations with beetroot salad horrible, […]

Durian history.

Durian history An interesting legend about the durian told me in Thailand. Once upon a time there was an old king who fell in love with a young girl. Belle did not respond to him in return, and then the governor asked for help from the wizard. The magician gave the king a fantastic fruit […]