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Ragout. History courses

Ragout. History courses I wonder how often, creating in the kitchen the next culinary masterpiece, we think about the history of dishes prepared by us? Who and how long it has created, in which countries it is most popular and how to mutate before appear on our table? Once again, by preparing one of the […]

Recipe: Dolma (stuffed grape leaves)

Recipe: Dolma (stuffed grape leaves) When we previously talked about the cabbage rolls, and then was referred to the famous dolma among other relatives. The dish for the right to be called the birthplace of that, many competing countries, deserves a separate chapter in the Culinary ABC. All of the Caucasus, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Greece, […]

Cheese on your plate

Cheese on your plate I am convinced, as I am not alone in my love for this wonderful product. Among us there were many fans of cheese — and not just fans, and well versed in the varieties and ready to experiment with new, still unfamiliar flavors. So I want to invite you to continue […]

Watermelon story

Watermelon story I used to think that watermelon is striped, certainly round and red pulp. And I was very surprised when I found out that watermelon can be an oval shape, to resemble pumpkins and squash, have a monochromatic lemon peel and flesh color.

Melon history

Melon history I can not walk past melons. Always stop, enjoy their fragrant aroma and remember the adage that exists in the East: «Melon makes the hair shiny, eyes young, fresh lips, wants strong possible enforceable, men wanted, and women beautiful.» And so I propose to talk about today melon.