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Pancakes. Cooking History

Pancakes. Cooking History In my family, to the pancakes photo  are always treated with a special honor and respect — Mom roasted a whole «mountain» of pancakes for the whole family and offered them a variety of fillings: amber honey, all kinds of jams and marmalades, stewed cabbage, boiled eggs, fried in onions with meat meat […]

salad «Vinaigrette»

salad «Vinaigrette» Speaking of favorite salads in my family, one of the first to be called «Vinaigrette». This salad is a beautiful French name often appeared on our table even when I was a little girl and not at all interested in cooking. Years passed, but my mother is still often prepare this salad. And […]

carrot history

carrot history Purple, yellow, white, black, green, red — it’s all carrot color. But the most popular carrot is orange. In taste the white, purple and yellow varieties of sweet crunch and they are better than the orange root vegetables. Generally carrots grown since ancient times. It is considered the homeland of Afghanistan. In XIV- […]

Zhardiner. What?

Zhardiner. What? Russian cuisine but in the French manner — so you can call it original and very simple dish that had once been very popular in Russia. Only just something appears vegetables in the garden, so you immediately and zhardiner, cold or warm with original sauce. To find it today can not in every […]


zabalone In Argentina it is known as sambayón, in Colombia it is called sabajón, in Venezuela, he is like a drink and is called ponche de crema. We now know about it all, or nearly all — or zabalone Sabayon one of the most famous desserts Italian cuisine, also known as egg cream, aka spicy […]