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about grapes

about grapes In ancient times, there lived a family of one. Her husband was a farmer, and his wife was a housewife. Once they quarreled heavily, and her husband went to the forest. He wandered through the forest a few hours, hungry and began to try to row all the berries. Suddenly he accidentally tore […]

Cocktails with gin. Gin (alcoholic drink)

Cocktails with gin. Gin (alcoholic drink) Cocktails gin this is a popular drink that came from Holland and settle down in England, a fortress from 10 ° to 55 °. I found its use as a basis for a variety of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol acquire characteristic flavor of juniper.

Romain – Roman salad

Romain – Roman salad Romain Roman salad – vegetable plant has a loose head elongated, oval-shaped, elastic crispy leaves. Romaine Salad with meat, poultry, seafood and cheeses. For the preparation of the Caesar salad is only romaine lettuce.

Petit fours

Cake petit-fours Cake petit fours His appearance owe the famous French chef and confectioner La Varenna. Up until the mid-17th century, buns and cakes were baked in the same large ovens in which bread was baked. La Varenne first discovered the convenience of small ovens for cooking confectionary. These stoves – «petit fours» – gave […]

Meals are named after people

Meals are named after people How are born with the name of the dish? Culinary masterpieces on which chef conjured, can be lifelong or udavshiesya on the occasion. Meals are named in honor of its author or famous person, first tasted and appreciated their taste. Dish names speak for themselves, became a household name in […]