The history of black vodka. Alcohol for Halloween

The history of black vodka. Alcohol for Halloween

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Everyone knows that vodka – it is absolutely transparent colorless drink. But due to various additives, it can have any colors. The existence of black vodka know not many. It exists and has an interesting history of creation.

Her invention, unlike most other alcoholic beverages targeted engaged. And he did it not winemaker, chemist or chef, and marketers who once in a cafe, when the bartender says “What is coffee? With cream or black? “, I came up with the idea that such a product as a black vodka does not exist and if it is set up, it is simply because of its originality will sell well. In addition, black never goes out of fashion!

But what should be the new product? Of course, black vodka should retain its flavor, because the dark almost black, and even alcoholic beverages in the world a lot. This is a different brand of cognac, brandy, whiskey, rum, liqueurs, tequila and liqueurs. Also, for a long time produce black balsams. But they all have well-marked specific taste and aroma. Also vodka if its paint something that will give it a new quality, will lose the right to this name.

So marketer Mark Dorman with Evin Ollindzherom and with the support of friends and acquaintances who are very fascinated by his idea in 1996 in England has developed the brand and founded the company The Original Black Vodka Company. Black drink, received the name blavod, gives natural color “black catechu” which is derived from Acacia catechu. It is quite common in South Asia, mainly in India and Myanmar, as well as common in East and Central Africa.

This dye was used for centuries to color fabrics and leathers. For vodka he went perfect, because it does not change the taste, does not give additional odor and did not stain the tongue or lips.
Blavod quick to adopt the bartenders because it is an excellent ingredient for cocktails puff. One of the most popular is called “Midnight Sun”. It interspersed layers of vodka and cranberry juice.

If you choose to experiment with blavod, keep in mind that its a mixture of orange juice has a greenish color, but a mixture with water gives a silvery hue.


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