The classic combination of products.

Tomatoes + garlic + basil – to balance the taste of the three products would like more difficult than two, but managed to nature is perfect. A wonderful combination for summer salads and cold appetizers and winter – for a warming soup.

Beetroot + goat cheese + nuts – another “trio”, as if made for each other. Salads, appetizers, casseroles, side dishes – such combination will fire everywhere.

Cheese + honey, and cheese, absolutely anyone, but especially – hard type of aged cheese. You can just dip and there, but you can come up with something more artsy. Pine nuts – nice, but optional addition, which, however, will always be welcome.

Potatoes + Nutmeg: Nutmeg taste in potato dishes may not be noticed, but did not agree with the fact that it improves the taste of the potato and make it more crowded – it is impossible. This bundle will show itself in any dish of potatoes, in the first place – in the usual mashed potatoes.

Potatoes + fennel – a combination that is close and familiar to everyone. Between the simple boiled potatoes and boiled potatoes with dill runs this chasm is impossible to believe that the creator of a miracle performed this simple grass. And if it comes to a young potatoes …

Meat + anise – secret combination Heston Blumenthal, which is used in all meat dishes, which are served in the restaurant The Fat Duck. anise taste is unlikely to discern, but the taste of the meat it will make more vivid and profound. Try it!

Apples + Cinnamon – a classic that works equally well in apple desserts and any snacks and main dishes (not to mention the sauces), where apples are involved.

Bacon + eggs. That bacon and eggs better than eggs without bacon, is not surprising. The trick is that from the neighborhood with bacon win general any egg dishes, even those where neither one nor the other is not the epicenter of taste.

Pears + blue cheese – an example of a successful combination of sweet with salty, but not limited to: spicy, fragrant sweet juicy pears and complex, salty, with a faint bitter taste of blue cheese if made for each other. It can be used in salads and other dishes, including hot.

Lamb + Mint – just one of the few successful couples with lamb, as she perfectly rhymes with rosemary, thyme, garlic, pepper and a lot more than. But mint, both at the stage of the marinade and sauce in a can definitely turn an ordinary lamb in an excellent, excellent – in a delightful and delicious – to divine.

Pork + fennel seeds – the case when the seasoning is not as important as the main ingredient. No pork, of course, is good, and without fennel, fennel but it is changing. Just season the pork, except salt and pepper lightly crushed fennel seeds – and then prepare for her favorite recipe.

Duck + oranges. And oranges in any form – as a seasoning peel, orange slices in a salad with duck and orange sauce breasts and so on. Why it works – is unclear, but it works.

Game + juniper berries combined reinforce the spirit of “savagery” and “primitive” meals at times. By the way, this is the rare case when the opposite is true – you can add “forests” to, say, a lamb – add juniper.

Fish + fennel, and this time no seeds, and greens. Separately green fennel in our sales, I have not seen, but because buying fennel, I choose the best curly hair. In fennel greens more gentle, delicate anise flavor than dill, so it’s definitely a lucky couple.

Melon + ham – among other things, a recipe salad that there seems to be everywhere making ham and melon planted. Other fruits and berries in combination with dried ham is also good, but the melon – in particular.


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