The chicken in yogurt, grilled, and carrots with cardamom.

chicken breast without skin and bones — 2 pieces
ground cayenne pepper — 0.5 tsp
coriander — a small bunch
Garlic — 1 clove
Cardamom — 2-3 boxes
peel and lemon juice
carrots — 2 large
cinnamon — pinch
coriander seeds — 1 tsp seed
cumin — 1 tsp
Natural yogurt — 250 ml
butter — 25g

Chicken breasts cut in half lengthwise.
Garlic clean, mash into a puree using a garlic press. Put into a mortar zest, coriander and cumin, and pestle to pound; Add hot pepper and salt to taste, stir. Mix the yoghurt with the lemon juice, garlic and spice mixture.

Chicken put in a vacuum container, pour yogurt mixture and leave for 1 hour (preferably 4 hours).

Shortly before the end of the marinade to cook carrots. Clear it, thinly sliced. Boxes cardamom crush knife plane, put on a dry heated pan. To warm up, 30 sec., Pour the oil.

Cook until the butter has melted; Add the cinnamon and mix well.

Put in a pan with butter and spices carrots. Cook 3 min., Turn the carrots and cook for 2 minutes.

Arrange carrots on the plates, sprinkle with cilantro.

Sirloin removed from the marinade, put on a very hot grill (or pan on the grill) and fry for 4 minutes. on each side; arrange on plates on top of carrots.

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