The cake Rotten stump


— 2 eggs
— 1 Cup sugar
— 1 glass of any jam (best currant, cherry)
— 1 glass of kefir or curdled
— 2 tsp.
— 1,5 — 2 cups flour


Beat eggs with sugar, add jam, stir in the yogurt soda (when you mix yogurt with soda, everything begins to foam, so you need to mix in high Cup!;), flour. To mix things up. The dough is thin, freely dripping from a spoon!; You can make 2 cakes, but I’ll take the baking sheet with high sides and bake immediately. Bake for 20-25 minutes. Each Korzh cut into 2 parts (a total of 4 cake layers). Cakes can be impregnated with syrup or water mixed with jam. The only sour cream!; 0.5 liter smetana vzbit with 0.4 Cup sugar.
Decorate to your taste.


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  1. It kind of does look like a rotten stump, but not in a bad way

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