The benefits of brooms for a bath.

The benefits of brooms for a bath.

Go to the bath – it is useful!

Most of you are just sure, love to go to the bath, and rightly so! Since the bath not only cleanses your body, but also helps to improve our health, it helps to cope with diseases.

Bath affects the body with water, heat, steam and massage. And what is best massages the body and brings it to more heat? Well, of course, a broom! If you do not use a broom, you lose half of the use of the bath. When you slash himself with a broom, then massage the body and chase him hot air comes the water-salt metabolism, skin and vascular exercises, training the entire circulatory system and heart.

For the bath uses different brooms and each has certain medicinal properties, that’s about the use of brooms for a bath and a little talk.

“” “In most cases in the bath steamed birch twigs. Birch leaves contain tannins, vitamin C, essential oils and a number of other useful substances. The use of birch broom has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect, it helps heal wounds, relieves pain in joints and muscles, dilates the bronchi and reduces inflammation in them promotes discharge of mucus from the lungs.

“” “If we talk about the use of brooms for a bath, the most useful – coniferous brooms. They contain substances that kill germs in the air and prevent ARI (acute respiratory infections). Coniferous broom helps neuralgia and radiculitis, in diseases of the bronchi and lungs. Especially useful brooms made of cedar and fir for colds, diseases of the kidneys and bladder, rheumatic arthritis. Before starting steamed pine broom, you need to hold it for 15-20 minutes in boiling water, sit in the steam room five to seven minutes.

“” “Nettle broom – an excellent remedy for the treatment of rheumatism, gout, sciatica, as well as lowers blood pressure, relieves tension. Before use nettle broom to pass two or three times from hot water to cold, to take in every two or three minutes not to get skin burn.

“” “Eucalyptus broom is rich in essential oils and help with sore throat, runny nose.

“” “Broom Olkhovy use for pain in the muscles, aching joints and colds.

“” “The strongest broom – oak and can be used two or three times. It soothes and prevents excessive increase in blood pressure in the steam room, on the skin, making it supple.

“” “Broom of viburnum help with diathesis, skin itch. You can not use all the broom of viburnum, and add a few sprigs of birch twigs Viburnum.

“” “Broom of lime is useful for colds: removes the headache, fever, dilates the bronchi, promotes sputum. He also has a wound-healing, calming effect.


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