The basic rules of cooking mushrooms

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The basic rules of cooking mushrooms

Mushrooms have an important place in cooking. They are baked, boiled, fried and stewed. The method of treatment depends on the species of the fungi and the form in which they will serve.
Dishes from mushrooms rarely leave anyone indifferent, but along with it in their address can often hear accusations that they are slippery, wet, or worse, tasteless. This is due primarily to the fact that many will not properly prepare them. It’s time to tell you how to cook the mushrooms well.

Closed containers or tightly tied bag – not the most suitable packaging for storage fungi. Fresh mushrooms should “breathe.” Otherwise, they become slimy texture and wrinkled, which, of course, affect their taste. Therefore, it is recommended to keep them in the refrigerator in a paper bag, placed vertically. Prevent the drying will help put mushrooms on top of a wet paper towel. Mushrooms do not store in a wet wash and just before cooking.


Once the mushrooms have been washed, they should be thoroughly dry. Make it a clean kitchen or paper towels. If you have enough time, mushrooms

can be decomposed into the towel and left to dry naturally for approximately one hour.


Just like steak, mushrooms have a special relationship with salt. Firstly, it is important not to overdo it. Second, choose the right time. As we know, the salt draws out moisture, which in mushrooms is more than enough. When adding salt at the beginning of cooking mushrooms will stew in their own released liquid. For optimum result, salted mushrooms at the end of cooking.


Another gastronomic crime against fungi is the lack of heat. With this nuisance faced by all who chose the wrong dishes for cooking.
Mushrooms are best “friends” with dishes with thick walls, such as cast iron. It is heated well and keeps warm even when you add in her product. Other kitchen utensils with not handle the task when you put it on the mushrooms, the temperature drops sharply, and its further recovery simply breaks the whole process prigotovlniya.
Mushrooms must be put on a well-hot frying pan and fry with constant stirring a few minutes, and then proceed to the usual frying until golden brown. If mushrooms are reddening too fast, you can always turn down the flame and briefly remove the pan from the heat to lower the temperature.


If mushrooms are not ceasing to interfere with, golden-brown crust will have to wait a very long time. To obtain the correct texture and color of mushrooms is not necessary to stir constantly, of course, unless it is a classic stir frying. When preparing any other foods you need to have patience, and for some time to leave the mushrooms alone.


The reason for the obsessive desire to constantly interfere with mushrooms lies in the belief that fungi do not have enough fat. In part, it is true, because at some point it really begins to miss, but not because you are thrown vigorously wielding a shovel, and because of their spongy texture. To help the process, not at the expense of color and texture, you can simply periodically adding a small amount of fat used for frying – vegetable oil, lard, butter – in the cooking process.


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