Terrine with sea buckthorn cream and caramelized oranges.

Biscuit: shape about 16cm
1 egg
1 protein
25g sugar
25g of almonds or almond flour
10g butter
10g flour
Cointreau or Limoncello impregnation

75g sugar
23g of water
1 / 4ch.l. lemon juice
25g almonds

Caramelised oranges:
2 small or 1 large orange (about 270g)
2.5st.l. brown sugar
1 / 2ch.l. cinnamon

500g cream 33-35%
150 g of sea buckthorn
30g sugar
1 / 2ch.l. pectin
1 sachet thickener for cream

Cooking method:
For the sponge cake, beat one egg with sugar until a thick pale yellow cream. Add the almond flour (grind the almonds, if desired) and wheat sifted flour. Gently mix.

Melt the butter and mix into the dough, too. Beat thoroughly until dense state protein, add to the rest of the mixture carefully to avoid much ass.

Pour the batter into the pan, greased and floured. Bake at 200C for 15-20 minutes. Biscuit should rise and the pressure-sensitive spring. Let cool slightly, remove their form and cool on a wire rack. Cut into cubes of about 1.5 cm. I like the biscuit crust combined with the overall color scheme of dessert, why not cut it. But you can remove if you wish. Suffice it liberally sprinkled with liqueur and mix by hand. Slices of sponge cake should be moist, but not wet and does not fall apart. Tighten the bowl with foil and leave the biscuit before assembling the dessert.

For roasting nuts, dried in an oven at 150-160S. Are ground too finely. Sugar water bring to a boil, fire diminish. Add the lemon juice and cook over medium heat until caramel samples for about 8 minutes. For samples of caramel syrup drip a little bit into the icy water, falling at this time the skillet from the heat. If the syrup hardens into a solid crispy drop, so the caramel is ready. Pour into the syrup milled nuts, stir and quickly pour in the silicone mat or parchment, oiled. Give how to harden. Break into pieces, and ground into crumbs in a blender.

We remove the zest of an orange and leave it to the assembly dessert. Cut away the peel, remove the partition. Peeled cloves cut into pieces about the size of the biscuit pieces. Spread on the pan. Sprinkle with cinnamon and brown sugar, stir. On medium heat, wait until the juice and sugar is dissolved. Mix that all the pieces were covered with orange syrup and leave to cool. As the cooling syrup will thicken the juice. Pour the thickened syrup periodically oranges, so they like to be impregnated.

Seabuckthorn (fresh or frozen), rub through a sieve. Pectin mixed with 1ch.l. sugar. Mix remaining sugar in a saucepan with the resulting sea-buckthorn juice and bring to a boil. Pour the boiling juice with constant stirring the pectin with sugar. Cook a minute and remove from heat. Strain through a sieve into another vessel and cooled.

Whip cream with a thickener. Part of the cream (200g) leave. The second part (300g) mixed with sea buckthorn puree. Most of all I liked the ratio of sea buckthorn cream to 2: 1, but you may prefer another, so add the mashed potatoes to the cream gradually. May be surplus, it’s not scary.

Build. At the bottom put a layer of sponge cake cups. Then, about the same, but no less layer of oranges. Cover with whipped cream without additives. Put a layer of crumbs Roasting and then the top layer of sea-buckthorn cream thicker than whipped cream. Decorate Roasting crumbs, previously deferred orange zest and cinnamon sticks.

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