Temari sushi for Halloween

Temari sushi for Halloween.

If you are planning to have a party in the style of Halloween, but do not know what to cook, be sure to pay attention to the recipe temari sushi.
Temari sushi – it is balls of rice stuffed for every taste. The dish is easy to cook food using film. As the decorations are commonly used seaweed, caviar or salmon slices. Temari sushi can easily stylize or pumpkin creepy characters (such as “Jack the Terrible”).

Rice for sushi – 250 g
Rice vinegar – 1 tbsp
Nori seaweed
Salmon (smoked)
Masago Caviar
Soy sauce
Pickled Ginger
1.Prigotovte Fig.

2. Take a sheet of edible film and place in the center of a few thin slices of salmon. On top, add a tablespoon of cold rice and begin wrapping the film. It is necessary to form the ingredients of the ball.

3. For ball ornaments can be used nori seaweed and caviar Masago.
Colored eggs for sushi beads give colorful appearance, and pieces of algae can be cut hats, person or any other design, suitable for Halloween.

• If you do not like fish, you can use other ingredients such as avocado or scrambled Tamago.
• If you want to cook Temari-sushi-shaped pumpkin, recommend the use of caviar Masago orange pumpkin stem and done with wasabi sauce.
• During cooking, try to regularly moisten your hands with water. Fig will not stick to wet hands.

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