1 tbsp. spoonful of green tea pour 2 cups boiling water, and I leave it for 30 minutes to infuse. Then we filter the tea and rinse them clean hair. Rinse off is not necessary. Hair conditioner green tea will give a soft, silky and shiny.

Tea for hair loss

Strong tea infusion rubbed into the hair roots each night for 10 days. This recipe will not only prevent hair loss, but also to stimulate their growth.

Conditioner for oily hair of tea

Another great tea recipe will help to normalize the sebaceous glands:
1 cup of strong black tea mix with 1 cup of infusion of oak bark. This mixture rinse clean hair, but do not rinse. This recipe is suitable for those who have dark hair, because they might be a little color.

Tea — an excellent remedy for hair styling

2 tbsp. black tea spoon pour 1 cup boiling water. Finished strained mixture damp hair before you cheat curlers, or before placing the hair, and then the hair will stay much longer.

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