Tarte Tatin with apples,

Tarte Tatin with apples.


For the dough:
200 gr. flour
100g butter
1 pinch of salt
5 tbsp ice water
For filling:
75g. butter
150 gr. sugar
1 kg of apples

1. Caramel: In a frying pan on low heat melted butter, then evenly covered butter with sugar, add a little fire (get a little less than average), and without disturbing! I waited for light browning sugar (occasionally with a spatula gently pulls back to show color). Sugar has appeared light caramel color, remove from heat.
2. Apples: Washed apples, cut into quarters, serdtsevinki removed and put in a pan with caramel “flake” or “tiles”)
Including stove over medium heat and put caramelized apples for 15 minutes (I have them in 7 minutes rolled over)
3. The dough: While my caramelizing apples, I make the dough. In a bowl add flour, a pinch of salt, butter cut into small hands and grind into crumbs.
Then, from the resulting oil-flour crumbs doing deepening and pour it with water, do a light kneading. It is very important “without fanaticism”, otherwise Korzhik is hard and dense, and we need light, puff, slightly crumbly.
4. Assembly: I shape 26 cm in diameter. Spread apples, caramel and then water them.
Roll out the dough into a layer of slightly larger diameter form (about 2 cm), spread a layer on the shape and edges of the dough into the bottom panel.
Bake 5: I put my cake in a preheated oven to 200 degrees for 40 minutes (or until browning).
I take out the dish, put it on the form and turn over. Sometimes it happens that 1-2 slices stick to the form, but they are easily separated and placed on its rightful place
Can powdered cinnamon if you like … I’m in this case, sprinkle with chopped pumpkin seeds.

Taste – stunning! Tea Party will be able to glory! Bon Appetit!

тарт татен с ябл

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