Tartare of scallops.

for tartare of scallops:
-86 Gr scallops
-4gr Shallots
-2gr Fresh ginger root
-8gr Lime juice
-5gr Extra Virgin Olive Oil
-5gr Red flying fish roe
-melnitsa with a mixture of five peppers
-sea salt

a layer of avocado and orange:
-33gr Avocado
-40gr Sweet orange
-2gr Black sesame seeds
-2gr Extra Virgin Olive Oil

-20gr Arugula
-3gr Extra Virgin Olive Oil
-3gr Balsamic vinegar
-1gr Black sesame seeds
-1gr Onion shallot
-1 / 3g pink peppercorns
-melnitsa with a mixture of five peppers
-1 Form of volume 150ml

Cooking method: 
1. Combs 0.5cm dice. Shallots and ginger grind as finely as possible. Black sesame fry in a dry frying pan until the characteristic smell.
2. Connect the scallops, shallots and ginger. Add the lime juice, olive oil, salt and pepper mixture of five. Set aside for 5 minutes.
3. Orange filleted: cut off the fruit with the peel on top and bottom. Then, in full, including the white layer of the skin, clean with a sharp knife. Slices cut away along the film, separating the fillet. Cut the orange pulp and avocado cubes 0.5 cm.
4. Connect the orange, avocado, black sesame seeds and olive oil.
5. In the form (I have a hemisphere) I Put the tartare of scallops.
6. On top spread a mix of avocado and orange.
7. Set the form on a plate, then gently remove it. Decorate the surface of Tartarus flying fish roe and black sesame seeds.
8. arugula, remove coarse stems. Serve dish arugula, sprinkle it with a mixture of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.
9. Pattern the peas pink pepper, grind a mixture of five peppers and green onions feathers.

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