Tart with sauerkraut, rice and sausages

Tart with sauerkraut, rice and sausages.

I propose to make a cake of puff pastry with lots of delicious toppings, which consists of sauerkraut, rice and sausages hunting. Pie obtained a beautiful sectional hearty and delicious.

Tart with sauerkraut, rice and sausages


Puff dough without yeast – 500 g

Sauerkraut – 500 g

Rice – 80g

Water (cooking rice) – 200 ml

Hunting sausages – 500g

Onions – 1 pc.

Mustard spicy – 1.5 tbsp

Salt – to taste

Ground black pepper – to taste

Egg – 1 pc.

The yolk (for lubrication of cake) – 1 pc.

Vegetable oil – 1.5 tbsp. (For frying onions and lubrication forms)

Flour (for signature) – 1 tbsp


1. Cook the rice for about 12 minutes.

2. sauerkraut spread in a saucepan, add water and cook until tender, drain all the water.

3. Onions cut into cubes and fry in vegetable oil.

4. Add the sauerkraut, fry for about 5 minutes, give cool.

5. Connecting rice, cabbage, mustard, I salt and pepper to taste.

6. stirred stuffing, add the egg, once again well mixed.

7. With the help of flour for signature Roll out the puff pastry into a rectangle measuring about 28 * 36 cm.

8. Next, I used the 2 nearly identical in size cake pans (I have a form in the size 25 * 10.5 cm). In one form of puff pastry spread, molding bumpers.

9. Spread about 1/5 of the filling, 2 rows of sausages.

10. Again, spread rice stuffing and sausages 3 rows (ie staggered). Then again, I spread a bit of rice stuffing, 2 rows of sausages, the remaining stuffing.

11. I close the filling test of the excess dough trimmed and leave for decoration.

12. I take the other cake pan, grease it with vegetable oil, gently flip the shape of a pie shape, greased.

13. Of the remaining dough cut out snowflakes or stars, grease one side of the water, laid on top of the wet cake party.

14. Pie grease with beaten egg yolk.

15. Bake the tart in a preheated 200 degree oven for about 45-50 minutes (until golden brown, baking time may be required less, it depends on the characteristics of the oven). I give the cake to cool before cutting. We ate it warm.

cabbage pie dough

Enjoy your meal!

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