Tart with arugula and skamortsoy

For the basics of sand:
• 250 g flour;
• 120 g of cold butter;
• 1 egg;
• 10 g baking powder;
• salt.

For filling:
70 grams of arugula;
• 2 stalks leeks (white part);
• 1 head skamortsy (about 200 g);
• 50 grams of cheese (Maasdam type);
• 30 g butter for frying;
• 100ml whipping cream;
• 50 ml of milk;
• 3 eggs;
• 1 tbsp. l. Dijon mustard.

Cooking method:
1. Dough: In a food processor grind the sifted flour with baking powder, salt and butter into crumbs. Add the egg and mix everything again.
Knead the dough and spread in prepared pan to Tartu.
The dough may crumble, but it’s not terrible. Cover the dough with foil, fall asleep on top of the peas and bake at 180 degrees for 10 minutes.
Then remove the foil with the load and again put in the oven for 10-12 minutes.

2. Filling: until our dough in the oven cut the leek rings are heated in a frying pan fry the butter and the onion a few minutes.
In a bowl, beat eggs slightly, add the grated cheese, cream, milk, mustard, arugula and onion. All gently stir.
When the dough is baked, pour the filling on top and bake another 25 minutes. until golden brown.

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