Tapenade – a dish of French cuisine, a snack in the form of a paste, which is eaten spread on bread or used as a prepared sauce to the vegetables. The composition of the paste is simple: olives (black), anchovies, capers and olive oil. Important, high-quality and delicious raw foods. In most recipes do not specify the exact amount of ingredients, it’s because you need to prepare a paste to taste. To my taste it turned out quite specific numbers).

-Olives (“Kalamata”) 14 pcs.
-Anchovies (fillet) 4 pcs.
-Capers 1 hour. L.
-Garlic 2 pieces.
-Olive oil (Extra virgin) 4 tbsp. l.

Garlic cleans, capers and olives to get wet from the excess fluid.
Anchovies grind a knife, we shift into a bowl (or mortar).
There also add the garlic, passed through the press.
Olives cleaned from seeds and finely chop ship in a bowl.
Finally, add the capers.
All this is thoroughly mash. Alternatively, the ingredients can be mixed in a blender, but because of the small total – all content can be smeared on the walls of the cup.
Then add olive oil slowly, one spoon and stir.
Cooked pasta close the top and remove in the refrigerator.
Pieces of fresh bread fried in a pan (no oil) from b

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