Tapas: blitz on Spanish appetizer

Tapas: blitz on Spanish appetizer.

When you try to list everything that symbolizes Spain, you will probably just call the bullfight, flamenco, opera “Carmen”, jamon, Antonio Banderas, and the victory of the Spanish national team at the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Only if you plan to spend your holiday on the Balearic Sea beaches, this information you will not be enough.
You want to the bar – it is inevitable and is not even discussed. And no matter what you drink, knowing the phrase “Ponme unas tapas!” – This is how, with the expression in his voice, usual temperamental southern countries – will have the character of a necessary minimum.
After a while before you will arise plate with all sorts of food that you are, in fact, asked. In bars and at home, we all used to drink beer chips, nuts, chips and other snacks, but Spain has its own definition – tapas, which translates as “cover”, because in the old days, a jug of wine was served covered with a piece of bread or ham, to drink to prevent dust and flies. “Cover” and also served as a snack.
But let’s come back from the Middle Ages to modern restaurants and bars will know what tapas today.

What is it?


Technically, tapas – a snack with drinks served in small saucers. What exactly is this food, does not matter as long as two conditions are met: it is laid out on a plate, and the action takes place in a bar. If we look at the tapas from the point of view of the intricacies of the European way of life, we can see that in Spain, where dinner does not start until nine o’clock in the evening, as required by European standards, tapas simply allows residents to keep from starving.

Typical tapas.


If the fastening part in such a snack is a toothpick, then it is called banderilla or pintxos. The latter is most prevalent in Spain Tapas banderillas differs from that all the ingredients are clamped between two pieces of bread.

What to order.


Tapas – a general term for a variety of completely different appetizers, ranging from bar to bar and from region to region. There are so many, and list them all – it’s like reading a fairy tale insomniac, therefore limited to those which can be found in almost all bars in Spain:

Aceitunas or olivas – olives;
Patatas bravas – fried potatoes in spicy sauce;
Queso manchego – Spanish cheese;
Chorizo a la sidra – chorizo sausage cooked in cider;
Pulpo a la gallega – boiled octopus with olive oil and paprika;
Pimientos de Padrón – green peppers, fried in olive oil;
Calamares a la romana – squid rings;
Boquerones – fresh anchovies marinated in vinegar and seasoned with garlic and parsley;
Gambas al ajillo – fried shrimp with garlic;
Salpicón de marisco / pulpo en vinagre – octopus, marinated in vinegar and mix of chopped peppers, tomatoes and onions;
Conejo en salmorejo – braised rabbit.

The drink.


Tapas perfectly complements the wine or beer. If you prefer a low-alcohol drinks, choose a drink Sunday of pureed fruit, Clara cocktail of beer and carbonated water or tinto de Verano, where the same gazvoda, but instead of beer – wine. From completely non-alcoholic beverages should pay attention to “zero” beer servesa syn or bridge – grape juice.

Time for tapas.


When there are more appropriate to just tapas? Strictly speaking, anytime. Speaking more strictly, you do not even need to be hungry – friendly or family seating with a bottle of wine at dinner is not considered. But while you’re yearning in anticipation of a large feast, tapas with drinks Couple will help you stay one’s stomach: poldzhiny dozen – the number depends on how hungry you are. During Friday’s entertainment, when a crowd of friends migrate from bar to bar, tapas help smooth intoxication: came, drank, ate – and went on. For lunch or dinner tapas – a local tradition in Valencia and Catalonia, but in general this phenomenon is rarely to be met. However, nobody has the right to forbid you this. Although you might think that is not suitable as a hearty tapas dishes, but this is misleading.

They are free?


Bars Granada or León include tapas in the price of drinks, but most of them you have to pay separately. In the latter case, you pick yourself a plate of their own. In the case, when a tapas no need to pay, you can be said to participate in the lottery, and one dish you randomly spread all that is available (and each time this procedure may be different). When you order pintxos, you pay for the number of toothpicks, which by the end of your gatherings is on the plate.

A few words about etiquette.


Tapas is hardly everyday homemade food (the party – is another matter), and it is usually eaten in the bars. For you have taken out a large portion, you need to clarify this by saying to the waiter or bartender magic words ración (serving) or plato (Dish) instead of tapa. This portion is twice the standard, but what should it be – is always a surprise, because the standard volume from place to place, too, is different. And remember that the tapas – a snack, as well as alcohol, facilitates social relationships, and she decided to share – because it is convenient.

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