Tagliatelle with mushrooms in cream sauce

Tagliatelle with mushrooms in cream sauce.

тальятелле с шамп

Ingredients 2 servings
200 g fresh mushrooms
Pasta tagliatelle 200g
Onion 1 clove
Coriander Pinch
Basil a pinch
Olive oil 1 tablespoon
Cream 25% -s 300 ml

15 minutes

1. Cook the pasta. This is just enough time to prepare the sauce.
2. Grind in a blender the onion, fry it in olive oil over medium heat for 5-7 minutes.
3. Mushrooms cut and add to the onions in the pan. Fry still 5 minutes. Add coriander and basil, or any spices to your taste.
4. Pour the cream (the fire should be quite small) and leave until the cream thicken begin. Then turn off.
5. Stir the pasta and the sauce.

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