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1) Salad “Christmas decorations” Ingredients:

Salad Sandwich

Ingredients: -A bunch of lettuce leaves 1 pc. -Tomato 1 piece. -Red onion 1 piece. -Garlic 1 pc. -Olive oil 2 tbsp. l. -Lime 1/2 pcs. -Cheese – optional to taste -Black olives – an option to taste -Salt to taste -Pepper to taste

Sheppard’s salad

Sheppard’s salad. Ingredients: -Red tomatoes 400g -Cucumbers 250g -Sweet green pepper 1 pc. -Sweet red pepper (paprika) 1 pc. -Onion (100g) 1 piece. -Olive oil 30 ml -20 ml lemon juice -Sea salt ½ tsp -Black olives pitted 50 g -Parsley 20 g -Feta cheese 125g Cut all ingredients. Season with salt. Dressed with olive […]

Fasting pizza.

Fasting pizza. Ingredients: -wheat flour in dough 1.5 cup -wholegrain wheat flour 1 cup -warm water (90 ° F) 1 cup -honey 1 hour. L. -dry active yeast 1 1/4 hours. l. -salt 3/4 hours. l. -olive oil 1 tbsp. l. -cornmeal or semolina – to work with the dough to taste -small onion sauce 1 PC. -2-3 cloves […]

Mini Pizza on the basis of bread or pastry.

Mini Pizza on the basis of bread or pastry.