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Spicy salad

Spicy salad. Ingredients: 200 g of chicken 200g of ham 3 halves of pepper (½ red, ½ yellow, ½ green) 200g canned chanterelles (mushrooms can be replaced or mushrooms) 200g canned pineapple 30g walnuts 30g raisins mayonnaise


ENGLISH SALAD Ingredients: -Celery – 200 g -Chicken fillet – 250 g -Mushrooms – 150g -Pickled cucumbers – 3pc -Mayonnaise – 6-7 tbsp -Mustard – 2 tsp -Salt and black pepper

Sheppard’s salad

Sheppard’s salad. Ingredients: -Red tomatoes 400g -Cucumbers 250g -Sweet green pepper 1 pc. -Sweet red pepper (paprika) 1 pc. -Onion (100g) 1 piece. -Olive oil 30 ml -20 ml lemon juice -Sea salt ½ tsp -Black olives pitted 50 g -Parsley 20 g -Feta cheese 125g Cut all ingredients. Season with salt. Dressed with olive […]


STUFFED lean CHAMPIGNONS. Ingredients:

Cheese pizza with a delicious sauce.

Cheese pizza with a delicious sauce.