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Salad with salted trout and oranges.

Getting ready for Christmas! This exquisite and delicious salad will decorate your holiday table!

Salad with grapes and smoked CHICKEN

Salad with grapes and smoked CHICKEN Ingredients: – 1 smoked chicken thigh (in principle, not very important, which is part of tender chicken body – can Chrudim, can lower leg – but then two!) – A handful of green grapes – A handful of black grapes – Half cans of beans – Beam arugula – […]

French mushrooms with baked cheese

French mushrooms with baked cheese. Ingredients:

The chicken in mustard sauce.

The chicken in mustard sauce. Ingredients: -skinless chicken breasts 4 pieces. -olive oil 2 tbsp. l. -butter 2 tbsp. l. -garlic cloves 3 pieces. -cognac or white wine 1 cup -Dijon mustard 1 tbsp. l. -grain mustard 1 tbsp. l. -1/4 cup heavy cream -1/4 cup chicken broth

Cheesecake with kiwi.

Cheesecake with kiwi. Kiwi and cottage cheese – the best combination of vitamin C and protein! 100 g – 139 kcal In winter, so want a delicious and refreshing – cheesecake with kiwi and ginger will not add extra centimeters at the waist!