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Salad with salmon and herbs

Salad with salmon and herbs. Ingredients: -Salmon fillets 110 g -Sol 2 of chips. -Ground black pepper 2 of chips. -Spinach 200 g -Arugula 200 g -Oranges 1 pc. -Almond 60 g -Lemon 1 pc. -Olive oil 1 hour. L.

Skewers of salmon

Skewers of salmon. Ingredients: -Salmon fillet — 800 g. -Soy sauce — 4 tbsp. spoons -Honey — 4 tbsp. spoons -Half chili -salt

New potatoes with smoked salmon in a light sauce with dill

Ingredients: -Hammer potatoes — 400 g (baby potatoes) -Greek yogurt (or low-fat sour cream) — 125 ml -Garlic — 1 clove -Lemon juice — 1 teaspoon -Salt and pepper — to taste -Dill — 1 handful -Green onion -Smoked salmon — 170 g (sliced ​​into thin strips)

Roll with salmon on the test parmesan

Roll with salmon on the test parmesan. To roll: 50 g butter 50 g parmesan cheese (grate) 1.5 tablespoons flour 175ml milk 3 eggs (divided into whites and yolks) Nutmeg and salt on the tip of a knife For filling: 300 grams of salted salmon 200 g of cream (20%) Dill

Trout steamed with cranberry sauce

Trout steamed with cranberry sauce. Ingredients: