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Italian pasta with pumpkin, cheese and arugula

Italian pasta with pumpkin, cheese and arugula — violent combination of flavors and bright colors, combined and complement each other perfectly. Incredibly tasty dish that can conquer even the most impregnable heart. This fresh autumn recipe with photo postletnyuyu banish melancholy, if any, and takes you into the world of inspiration.

Potatoes baked with parmesan and pine nuts

Ingredients: -Potatoes 1 kg; -Cream 200 ml; -1 bunch basil; -Parmesan 60 g; -Pine nuts 4 tbsp .; -Salt and pepper 0.75 tsp .; -Garlic 3 cloves; -Olive oil 100 ml;

Flaky meat casserole with bacon

Ingredients: Minced meat pig-beef — 500 g Mushrooms — 250-300 g Bacon sliced ​​- 200 g Onions — 1-2 pieces. Mozzarella — 100 g Sun-dried tomatoes in oil — 100 g Grated Cheese — 100 g Rusk ground — 3-4 Art. l. Vegetable oil for frying — to taste Salt — to taste Black pepper […]

salad with red pepper

salad with red pepper. Ingredients:

Kish puff pastry.

Kish puff pastry. In the world there are many wonderful pies with meat, but the king of them — certainly, quiche! Fine crackling and abundant toppings guarantee incredible flavor of this cake. We propose to make puff pastry quiche. Your family will love it!