Switzerland Culinary

Switzerland Culinary

Spring in this country comes under the Government Decree, where bloom the first sheet on the “official chestnut”. In this country you can quite legally avoid military service by paying the state income 3% in 30 years. The children in this country childhood ends too early – they go to school from 4 years old! And here the most accurate clock, the best pocket knives, delicious cheese and chocolate and the most reliable banks. Welcome to Switzerland, the world’s only confederation country without capital!

Country: Switzerland

Official name: Swiss Confederation

 Switzerland on the world map: a state in Western Europe. Switzerland is bordered in the north of Germany, in the south of Italy, in the west of France, on the east by Austria and Liechtenstein. The country’s name comes from the name of one of the three original cantons of Schwyz.

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Swiss cuisine, having absorbed all the best from neighboring France, Germany and Italy, and by adding its own unique dishes became one of the most pleasant to visit the amateurs a tasty meal countries. What first comes to mind at the mention of Switzerland? Of course, cheese and chocolate! Although not “cheese alone” fed the Scots, but he prepared the two most popular dishes in the country – Fondue and Raclette. For breakfast preference potato roshti to kotroye served thin strips of veal and mushrooms in a creamy sauce, but they lost ground healthy eating – Swiss muesli Birchermüesli. Although the majority of the Swiss breakfast as we do, and easier than in haste, such as bread and butter, jam and sausage …. Servelat – the national pride of the country and eat it everywhere, of course with a delicious slice of bread.

That-that, and a lot of bread in Switzerland! Bake it in the store, the dough generously vsyp different additives – seeds, nuts, bran, roasted onions. Remembering the lek, not to mention a special cake – onion tart.

Switzerland Culinary

There are dishes typical of the whole country, and there are regional culinary preferences or business cards of local cuisine.

Zurich – muesli Birchermüesli, slices of veal with potato roshti and mushrooms in cream sauce, roshti with cheese and slices of apple, honey cookies Tirggel two-tone Christmas and Zopf (bread plait like our “challah”).

Canton Appenzell is known for its painted cakes with a creamy nut filling: Biber (big carrot) ibiberli (small gingerbread).

Switzerland Culinary

Canton of St. Gallen will treat you with the best fried sausages, juicy Olma Bratwurst, the main dish of the local fall fair. Bern add to the table “Bernese platter” of assorted deli meats and sausages, meringues with whipped cream and onion pie (baked stuffed with a mixture of onion, eggs, cream and bacon). Bernese dish deserves special attention: smoked ham and beef tongue, shank, pork shoulder, language sausage, pork ears with spices and other, other, other … with a side dish of boiled potatoes, pickled beets and cabbage. You have already been sent to the refrigerator? Wait a minute, this is the beginning ….

Switzerland Culinary

North West Switzerland boasts onion and cheese pie, crispy firewood and honey cakes Basel.

Canton of Vaud is famous for the best cheese fondue and considered his ancestor, as well as a dish of sausage and leeks. Canton Valais Raclette presented nationwide and pies with apples, potatoes and cheese. Raclette – a dish worthy of the king is served in two variants: classic and restaurant. In the classic version of a big piece of cheese is heated, the molten portion is scraped onto a plate and mix with vegetables. The restaurant supply Raclette present action, which is applied to a special device on the top of which the fried slices of meat, and in the lower-melted cheese, this dish is served with vegetables and hot potatoes. heater melts, the melted cheese is scraped off and mixed with vegetables on a plate. Tsentarlnaya Switzerland offers a variety of traditional dishes of cheese, meat pies with cream and a dish of the Alpine shepherds – alplermagronen (pasta, boiled potatoes, onions, bacon bits and melted cheese). Ticino District adds a special touch of Italian cuisine in Switzerland, offering polenta, risotto and pasta of roasted chestnuts. Main dishes Canton Grisons – Barley soup with bacon rolls and chard stew with buckwheat noodles.

Talking about the Swiss kitchen can be infinite, choking with joy, and struggling with a growing sense of hunger!

Dessert and drinks

From soft drinks in Switzerland popular apple juice, both in pure form and in all variations (cider and a variety of soft drinks), flauder (vineralnaya water with taste of elderberry and lemon balm) and Rivella original soda from dairy products. Of the more hard liquor should pay and balm Appenzeller Alpenbitter and beer “Quöllfrisch”, fruit schnapps, cherry kirsch and the famous absinthe exported worldwide. Kirsch is considered to be an analogue of our vodka, but except for the fortress. Almond flavor of cherry kirsch making it an ideal ingredient for cocktails and confections. The Swiss drink in the pure form of small cups, but with great pleasure.

Switzerland Culinary

As part of the desserts Switzerland there are few competitors. Honey cakes with nuts, crunchy twigs, chocolate delights, Berne biscuits, meringues with cream and cherry cake will delight any child to adult!

National dishes

The cuisine of Switzerland is simply impossible to imagine without the fondue, the most famous dish in this country and became famous abroad. Cheese fondue present King of parties, there was not only delicious, but also very fun. Cheese fondue is usually prepared from two kinds of cheese (Gruyere and Vacheron) with white wine and spices in a special dish kakelon. Cheese fondue options as much as possible combinations of all types of cheese, spices and all that you can dip into the fondue. We will try some of the options, and we wash fantasize and invent their own recipes!

Fondue without alcohol

Fondue without alcohol



2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
1 tsp cornmeal
250 g grated cheddar cheese
250 g grated Gruyere cheese
3 tablespoons sour cream
for “dipping”

4 thick slices of rye bread and 2 tablespoons olive oil
2 carrots
bell pepper
salami (cutting), and all that you will find the best

Put the pan in a water bath at the very low heat, mix the vinegar with the starch and grated cheese. Melt the cheese, stirring constantly. When almost all the cheese has melted, add the sour cream and a pinch of pepper. Cut the bread strips and fry in butter, then serve with salami and vegetables cut into strips.

You can use any other hard cheese, is delicious Instead of these varieties, if mix salty and sweet cheese. It is possible to melt the cheese in half a glass of dry white wine (instead of vinegar). A wonderful recipe for unexpected guests!

Muesli in Swiss Birchermüesli

Muesli in Swiss Birchermüesli


The healthiest breakfast invented by Dr. Maximilian Oskar Bircher-Benner, a supporter of natural food. Let’s try to cook it on his muesli recipe!


1 tablespoon oatmeal, soaked overnight in .l 2-3. water
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon concentrated milk with sugar (not condensed!)
1 large sour apple, grated on a coarse grater
1 tablespoon hazelnut or almond (crushed)
Cooking! Flakes soak overnight in water, and in the morning to mix all the ingredients immediately prior to use.

Cake “Swiss roll filled with cream”

Cake "Swiss roll filled with cream"

A traditional dessert that can be prepared even the most inexperienced hostess!


ready biscuit rolls (4-5 pieces)
two or three kinds of ice-cream
any fruit

If you know a biscuit oven, you can cook the rolls themselves (with whipped cream) – if not, just buy a ready-made and cut them into slices 2 cm thick Put the layers on the ice cream dish, sprinkling his pieces of fruit and berries, form a hemisphere.. Then firmly lay on the mound of ice cream roll slices, tightly pressing it to the surface. Put the cake in the fridge for an hour before serving and garnish with whipped cream.

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    Swiss cuisine, having absorbed all the best from neighboring France, Germany and Italy, and by adding its own unique dishes became one of the most pleasant to

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