Swiss meringue.

Swiss meringue it:
– A combination of white oil and one cream,
– The ability to align the cake and decorate cupcakes,
– To create jewelry from the cream,
– Cream under mastic
– Sweet cream eclair cake or layer,
– Cream, which can be covered with a cake and put it on the decoration of the mastic, without fear that they will flow, or paint the cream on the cake,
– The cream of the proteins that can be given to children without fear of salmonellosis (expense of heating the protein in a water bath).
It turns out very soft and goes well aligned and quickly solidifies in the fridge.


4 sht.belka
Stak.sahara 1/2 (cup)
250 gslivochnogo oil (300 g can)
3 drops of lemon juice
The bowl, which will whisk protein, wipe with vinegar. It should be clean, dry and completely fat-free, that the protein is well whipped.
Carefully separate the protein, so that not a drop of yolk falling into a bowl.
There also sypem sugar and put everything in a water bath. Moreover, water in the pan should not touch the bottom of the bowl.

Stirring constantly, heat until sugar is dissolved.
I keep the cream in a water bath of about 5-7 minutes, because It demonstrated that Salmonella can penetrate through the shell of the egg, but dies prinagrevanii to 77 degrees.
Remove the bowl from the heat and stir until the solid protein peaks.
room, beat butter in a separate container (!) temperature to a lush state.
Go back to the proteins. Whisking, add a spoonful of oil to them. In the end we put a few drops of vanilla and lemon juice. It should get a smooth homogeneous mass.
If the oil temperature is much lower than that of the protein, the cream can curl (formed grains).
It’s fixable, just whip a little longer until you get a nice smooth consistency and the cream starts to shine (about 10 minutes).
Here the Swiss meringue cream and ready! You are now ready to assemble and decorate cakes and Cake.

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