Swiss fondue

Swiss fondue

Switzerland – the country in which you fall in love once and for all … Little fairy country where mixed different languages, cultures, traditsii.Na small area you can see contrasting landscapes: the majestic Alps, countless lakes, ancient glaciers, alpine meadows and the city, unlike the other one, and wonderful little mountain village with old wooden chalets.

Gastronomic delights await in every restaurant specialties are different depending on the region. Magnificent typical Swiss restaurant has impeccable service and a cozy atmosphere. Switzerland as it is divided into three major parts – the French, German and Italian. In restaurants, each of them you can taste the national cuisine of France, Germany and Italy. Unfortunately, extremely tasty and a variety of Swiss wines are not exported, although the quality is not inferior to a well-known French and Italian brands. Every city has a signature dish – beef steak in Zurich, St. Gallen sausages in Geneva – the freshest trout from the waters of the purest lakes, nutty cake in St. Moritz, smoked pork in Bern …

But only a national symbol of Swiss cuisine is considered to be a cheese fondue. History of its introduction (neither more nor less – seven centuries), the Fund is required to Alpine shepherds, who for a long time left on pastures and in store makes a modest meal – bread, slices of cheese and white wine. Once you try to melt the cheese on the fire, add the wine and put it in the resulting mixture is dried up pieces of bread, there was this recipe.

For many years fondue recipe has changed and become more complex, depending on the area in which it is cooked. The present of the Swiss fondue – bread.

By law, the most delicious fondue Gryuyerskoe considered, under the name of the region where the famous cheese produced from cow’s milk. The peculiar taste of the region Appenzeller fondue – it is made from goat cheese. Many fondue cooking options can be found in the culinary sites, but always one: preparing a fondue in a thick-walled pot, stirring constantly with wooden spatula. Before cooking pot wall to enhance the flavor rubbed with garlic, add various varieties of Swiss cheese choice in a certain proportion, white wine, cherry vodka … In the same pot, mounted on the burner for continuous heating, fondue is served on the table. One pot for a big company !!! Eat special fondue forks with long handles, which prick pieces of crisp bread. By the way, the bread in Switzerland there are more than 200 species. According to an unwritten ritual, dropped into the general pot slice of bread supposed to do extraordinary sip of wine. But pulled out a piece of bread from the bottom particularly lucky – what could be better than a crispy cheese crust !!!

Do not forget – the dish is extremely nutritious, but at least in one of the Russian long winter evenings in the company of friends or family should try it! Be sure to post a fondue dish of salted or pickled vegetables and a bottle of good wine. Excellent combined with the Swiss fondue jerky. Enjoy the taste! Enjoy your meal!

1. Ready-mix for the Swiss fondue, which is composed of assorted cheese, white wine and cherry liqueur, you can buy in supermarkets.
2. If the result is the opportunity to get to Switzerland – taste this dish at a local restaurant, but especially impressed fondue after a winter day on the snow-covered ski slopes of the Swiss Alps!

Swiss fondue

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