Sweets, which will not recover

Any woman from time to time want to treat yourself to sweets with a cup of tea or coffee, especially want to eat something sweet, when the late and impossible. Everybody knows that a sweet bad for the figure, but I want to believe that there is a harmless and delicious alternative. You have to deny yourself sweets to maintain a slim waist? No! No harmful and useful sweets, everything depends on the amount of sugar and carbohydrates in the light product. Moreover, the sweetness required by the body, without them our bodies can not function properly. But, unfortunately, we are very much greater than the required limit sugar consumption, and hence there is a ban on sweets in all diets.
What to pamper yourself? The maximum benefit will be sweet with simple sugars — glucose and fructose. So do not deny yourself the pleasure — just remember, everything in moderation.

It includes: applesauce and molasses, sweet mass of partially digested starch acids — that is a complex carbohydrate. In addition, the composition has a marshmallow egg white and powdered sugar. However, prefer classic. The main thing is that the composition of the product were natural ingredients.

It consists of applesauce, gelatin, agar and pectin, useful for digestion. The main component of natural fruit marmalade is fructose — a simple sugar which can be transformed in the body into glucose.

In composition it is similar to marshmallow, but different proportions of fruit weight, whereby it takes several other forms and gives a different taste. The candy is usually added fruits and berries, they give a natural sweetness and flavor.

Eastern sweets
Except halva and jam from rose petals. All other oriental sweets are composed of honey, spices, raisins or nuts, which provide a quick satiety without excess sugar.

Very useful carbohydrate foods that you can enjoy the sweet tooth. If you find it difficult to drink unsweetened tea — then honey will be an excellent alternative to sugar.

Black chocolate
Replace your favorite types of chocolate on it there for about 80% of cocoa.
These sweets are very filling because a part of the components, and you can not eat a lot of them. If possible, try to eat them before dinner — and then all of them will go to the caloric needs of the body and recharge the brain.

If you are on a diet
If you sit on a diet and do not want to be tempted above described sweets, let yourself dry fruits — they are sweet, have a natural natural origin are useful. Sweet by nature are the dates, raisins and dried apricots, prunes are not so sweet, but the most useful. They have a lot of calories, but a lot of you do not eat — 30-40 grams.
Options indulge in sweet dishes and desserts are many and they will not harm the figure, if you follow the principle of «the beauty of a dessert — in moderation of consumption.»

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