Sweet rolls

Main Ingredient — Chocolate Pancakes. Let’s first cook them.

Products for the test:

-1 cup milk
-1 bar of chocolate (100 g)
-3 eggs,
-1/2 tsp soda,
-1/2 cup sugar,
-5 tbsp vegetable oil
-1 tbsp Cocoa powder
-a pinch of salt.

Cooking method:      

To test the divide whites and yolks. Protein shake up separately to peaks, adding a pinch of salt, put into the refrigerator.

Beat the egg yolks with the sugar until white. Pour oil. Soda repay, and add to the dough.

Milk and bring to a boil, remove it from heat, dissolve the chocolate in it.

Flour (for the beginning I took 3/4 cups) mixed with cocoa powder.

Then add the flour so that the dough was the consistency of sour cream sparse.
Stir in the flour and the chocolate mixture to the yolks.

After stirring gently introduce proteins.
The dough is ready

Bake the pancakes from the resulting dough in the pre-calcined pan.

Ready-made pancakes grease curd. I whipped 200 ml cream 35%, then add to it 200 g of cottage cheese paste and powdered sugar to taste, and then whipped with a mixer. You can lubricate the pancakes Curd … in short, anything sweet curd …

I canned peaches cut into slices, put him near the edge.

And damn it turned into a roll.
Edge then cut
Rolls cut into small pieces

Melt chocolate with vegetable oil (oil is added so as to obtain a thick consistency is not)

First poppy chocolate coating one side, then the other side, then the bottom … and lozhila on a plate

The tip flooded with a spoon.

Thus all zaglazirovala rolls. I gave them to harden in the refrigerator.


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