Sweet rolls with banana and cherry

On 3 servings:

Fat cottage cheese – 100 grams
Honey – 10 grams
Cherry frozen – 100 grams
Banana – 70 grams
Rice paper – 3 sheets

Banana clean, cut into strips. Cherry thawed, gently squeeze out the juice. Cottage cheese mix with honey. Honey is better pre-melt to make it easier to do so.
You can begin to wrap the rolls.
Take in hands a sheet of rice paper, omit it for a few seconds in a bowl with warm water. The paper should be elastic.
Gently lay the sheet on a hard surface, such as a cutting board. Lubricate its cottage cheese, leaving the edges. Far edge, too, do not leave plastered. At the proximal end 2 stripes spread on banana and some cherries. Getting wrapped roll. Please close the edge of the filling side edges of the paper. Then, turn off all rolls. Carefully place it on a plate.
So do the rest of the ingredients.
When all the rolls are rolled, remove the dish with them in the freezer for 20 minutes. So they will be easier to cut. We took out, cut into equal pieces and serve.

Bon Appetit

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