Sugar Pie

Very tasty pie, despite the fact that he was not filling, juicy, fragrant, with a wonderful caramel crust on top. Simple and good, I’ll be the furnace more
It is indeed, a very tasty! Who has not tried it, I advise!

You will need:

flour, 250 gr.,
milk 100 grams.
15 g of fresh yeast. (I have 2 tsp dry, but can be less)
eggs 2 pcs.
salt to taste (I added vanilla instead of salt)
butter 100 gr. (room temperature
sugar 100-150 grams.
butter 50 grams.
200 ml of cream.


In the warm milk add a teaspoon of sugar and 2 tsp dry yeast (yeast and less possible)
Then add eggs and butter (I have added vanillin)
Then, slowly pour the flour, stirring with a spoon
The dough is soft, sticky buns from it is unlikely sformiruesh …
Leave to rise for an hour.
Then put the dough in the shape of 21 cm in diameter (at me with the sides 21 and 20 cm), grease it with oil. The dough is evenly distributed over the surface of your hands. Leave for another half an hour to lift
Meanwhile, mix the chopped pieces of butter and sugar (so that the oil does not melt, it is possible to put in the fridge).
We make several indentations across the surface of the dough.
Sprinkle with oil and sugar. Oven at 180 C for 25-30 minutes.
Fill cream (you can with sour cream)
And put another 6-9 minutes in the oven dopekat
Eat hot, so it tastes better! Dough softest! Because the cream seems like a pie with cream.

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