stuffed vegetables

stuffed vegetables

Stuffing can be full (when a vegetable is not cut into pieces, and the whole is taken and is cleaned only its core) or partial (when the vegetable is cut or broken down into parts – such as cabbage leaves).

I think you will agree with me that some vegetables are simply created in order to be stuffed all sorts of things: they are shaped like various kinds of dishes that are so yummy and you want to fill.

For example, cut out the core of the potato, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, onions, pumpkins … and in our pots hands, cups, bochonochki, plates, pumps, and another for stuffing, you can use vegetables, cut into slices, pedestal fan , baskets … and here is something just, and there comes a time of revelry our tastes and fantasies – which just does not come up with the mistress of different countries and peoples! Anything goes: other vegetables, various cereals, meats of all kinds, fish, mushrooms, fruits, herbs, nuts, dried fruit, cheese, cottage cheese … the list goes on …

Fill in the “vegetable dishes” cooked meat and can either serve immediately on the table, or prepare on: laid in a pan, kettle, frying pan on a baking sheet … and remains our only good this dish ferment, put out, cook or bake. We shall keep an eye not only to ensure that the filling is well soaked in the juice of the “vegetable dishes”, but also to our culinary masterpiece not burst, does not fall apart, not burnt …

Stuffed vegetables – is another, quite different taste of our usual products. And so they really get tasty, to retain the shape of the “vegetable dishes” during cooking, the dish turned out to school, should not only take into account the peculiarities of cooking a variety of vegetables, but also to know some of the secrets of proper stuffing.

So, the example most often used for stuffing vegetables, consider the following important points:

a) What to choose vegetables?

b) how to prepare them for the stuffing?

Bulgarian pepper 

фото 1

It is better to choose a fleshy fruit, they give the stuffed peppers sweet taste; thin-skinned, because of capsaicin – give stuffed dishes slight bitterness.

Experts say that the best of the peppers to taste and beneficial properties are red vegetables (they contain antioxidants, rutin and lycopene), yellow peppers in second place (in which there is a derivative of carotene – xanthophyll), the third place – the least useful peppers with a green color. And vegetables dark green for stuffing generally are not recommended (they have a grassy smell and dirty palette after heat treatment – all this will agree, is not conducive to appetite).

Pepper is preparing for stuffing as follows: sorted and washed peppers are usually cut in the following ways:

is a circular incision around the stem, it is removed along with the seeds (if the seeds remain inside the pepper, enough to knock on the plate resulting “box” and the seeds fall out by themselves).

All you can start stuffing (some housewives to put stuffing peppers for a few minutes in boiling salted water, then cooled and then filled with minced meat). Cut off the top part can be used as a lid, add the filling, use in a salad or other dish
cut the fruit lengthwise, getting two polovinki- “boat”, remove the stalk and seeds farshiruem
figuratively cut in the form of a “basket”
Prepared for stuffing peppers are used for all types of dishes and hot, and snacks, exposing the heat-treated, fermented, and (with the corresponding meat) eaten fresh. Many women use pepper processing by the first method in harvesting it for the winter, in canning jars.


фото 4 фото 3 (1)

For the stuffing is wise to take the zucchini, as they keep their shape better (less watery), more delicious. The main thing that was not old zucchini – without hard seeds had the skin without defects (the younger the fruit – the dish will taste better).
Sorted for my stuffing zucchini, cut off the stem attachment location. Farshiruem their portions (slices) or full (medium or small). Courgettes can be cut into “boat” – in half lengthwise into two parts, you can make a cut with only one – their longest side, keeping a vegetable like a whole, can be cut zucchini “barrels” – “cylinders”: such things-penechki pieces height 4-5 cm can be cut “basket”, etc.

We take out the pulp and fill with stuffing. And if we, for example, make cuts “Fan”, then cut the fruit lengthwise into equal pieces – circles, a thickness of about 1 cm, but each time a vegetable is not cut through to the end. You can also cut the zucchini into long – a full-length – plates and their pre-fire, stuffing, giving the form of rolls.

After preparing the zucchini one way or another, they are stuffed. Some housewives pre-prepared vegetables are placed in boiling salted water, cook until soft (3-5 minutes), cooled, and only then fill them with stuffing.

Prepared for stuffing zucchini used for the preparation of hot dishes, cold dishes, using heat treatment and pickling. In raw form stuffed zucchini usually not eaten (although in salads, for example, raw zucchini I use).


фото 5 (2)

Choose a medium-sized vegetables with firm flesh and no damage on the skin – it helps to keep in shape during cooking.

After sorting and washing, cut the top part (where the stem), remove the core (seeds and pulp) and fill the resulting capacity of meat (depending on the filling, possibly pre inner walls of the tomato prisolit, pepper, sprinkle with your favorite weed, and only then put the stuffing). Cut off the top part can be used as a lid, add it to the stuffing used in a salad or other dishes …
You can also cut the tomato into two halves and stuff them. And often the hostess of tomatoes cut baskets (baskets).

Prepared for stuffing tomatoes used for preparing both hot dishes and cold snacks, and using the heat treatment and pickling or leave fresh.


фото 6 (2)

Shall have the right oblong shape with intact skin and juicy (without seeds and voids) pulp. We should not forget that the eggplant contains solanine, so the vegetable characteristic bitterness. If solanine many vegetables can be not only bitter, but also toxic. If you got just such vegetables, it is advisable not to use them for stuffing.
Preparing eggplant for stuffing, as well as methods for their preparation take place by analogy with the squash.


фото 7 (2)

Sampled dense, young vegetables. Mine them and to prepare stuffing: cut lengthwise into “boat” or crosswise into “penechki” (you can cut the baskets). Carefully choose the flesh. Farshiruem.

Prepared for stuffing cucumbers are used mainly in fresh form for cold snacks, less heat treated – baked.


фото 8 (2)

We select potatoes of medium size and roughly the same shape, my tubers are peeled, select the core for stability with a cut off the roundness of the part on which the potato will stand and farshiruem. It can be peeled potatoes cut into two halves, and giving the form of “boat” or “small plates” stuff.

Prepared for stuffing the potatoes using a heat treatment is used only for the preparation of hot meals, mainly – baked.


фото 9 (3)

We take the bulbs are about the same size (preferably white – salad) and, without clearing from the husk, washed, and then for 2-3 minutes in boiling water omit. Take out, cool, clear of a peel, cut off the top part (a third-quarter bulbs). From the roots and lightly pruned, giving bulb resistance. With the help of a knife and teaspoon gently remove the core to the shell was left of one or two layers. Finish can be stuffed.

Prepared for stuffing onions subjected to heat treatment and are usually used for the preparation of baked dishes.


фото 10 (1)

Wash, cut off the top (it will continue to be used as cover), remove the innards – seeds and pieces of flesh – so that fruit walls were no thicker than 2-3 cm and can be stuffed. So we do, if we are talking about a young fruit. In the event that disrupted pumpkin from the garden for a long time, it is recommended to also remove her peel.

Prepared for stuffing pumpkin used for baking.

As I wrote above, the stuffing for stuffing used very different. I would like a more detailed focus on meat. We all know the opinion of the majority of dietitians about any meat not fit well with potatoes, but with other vegetables is good, so it is ideal for stuffing.

This dish always turns out juicy and flavorful! In addition, due to the fiber-rich vegetables, meat easily and quickly digested in the stomach, it is better digested. Well, that vegetables are low in calories, will please any representative of the female sex, which monitors the figure. No wonder recipes stuffed vegetables are loved in all the kitchens of the world.

In addition to our usual vegetables, stuffed and such unusual vegetables, leaves … As an example: the Italians – even artichokes and zucchini flowers, the Thais – banana leaves, Koreans – ferns, Japanese – sweet potatoes.

I am sure that I am not mistaken if I say that any housewife knows and loves to cook stuffed vegetables: potato, zucchini, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes … and cabbage?


That’s cabbage, let us now talk because this vegetable is somehow not so often stuffed, (except that used cabbage leaves, making them a variety of rolls, stuffed cabbage … by the way, to make better use of cabbage cabbage loose plug).

A method of stuffing and cabbage cooking technology – one and filling options, I will cite a few.

Ingredients: cabbage forks (better to take the average size) and ingredients for stuffing (depending on the recipe).

A method for preparing stuffed cabbage:

Head of cabbage to release you from unnecessary upper leaves, cut the stalks and 20 minutes (until soft) to cook in boiling salted water. Put the cabbage in a colander and drain the water.

While the water flows, prepare the stuffing. Options – weight, choose any or use your favorite. I will cite only a few:

Option 1: raw ground beef + finely chopped onion, salt and pepper to taste. Cabbage with a filling is shown in my photo. I took the turkey meat, add the chicken fat for juiciness.

Option 2: meat with boiled rice and (or) eggs. Figure -100 g and (or) 2 eggs (you can take raw, cooked, or one to take the raw, and the second – to cook and chop) mixed with the raw ground beef – 300 g, adding to taste with salt and pepper.

Option 3: 1 carrot, 100 grams of eggplant and sweet pepper, 2 tomatoes, 2 tbsp. Spoon cooked rice, 1 boiled egg, 80 g. butter, salt and pepper to taste. Vegetables chop, fry, add rice and chopped egg, salt and pepper and mix well. If you like onions, you can also add to the stuffing.

4 version: 200 g wheat biscuits, 1.5 cups milk, 2 tbsp. tablespoons butter, 3 eggs, herbs, salt and pepper. Rusk pour hot milk, add butter, salt and pepper, leave to cool, then add 1 boiled egg, chopped herbs, stir gently and then enter the 2 well beaten eggs.

Getting stuffing: cooked and cooled down forks carefully disassemble the leaves. On each piece of paper laid beef and collect forks, pulling the sheets cabbage to one another so as to form a fork preserved. We begin collecting forks with the youngest leaves. At the top (largest) cabbage leaves cut off the plug (thinned) is too thick parts (streaks). When stuffed forks reach the desired size,

stuffed vegetables


Preheat oven to 180 degrees and put it forks, after brushing his sour cream or mayonnaise …

And bake for 30-40 minutes. A few minutes before the cabbage is ready, you can sprinkle it with grated cheese, but in this case (see photo), I did not.

We get ready to fork out of the oven, we shift it on a dish, decorated with vegetables.

stuffed vegetables

You can submit the whole cabbage head and cut her on the table. You can just cut into pieces a la carte, and arrange them on a platter, watering sour cream.

Incidentally, if the uncut part of the stuffed head of cabbage you will tomorrow be in the refrigerator, then this dish did not lose neither in appearance nor in taste. It is great to be cut into portions pieces. It can be both warm and cold to eat.

фото 14 (2)

Since ready-stuffed forks reminds roll, then cut it into pieces, and, accordingly, garnish when serving, we can recommend this dish and as an appetizer for the holiday table.


-Disassemble the first all forks, folding the sheets one by one slide. This will later be easily assembled in the plugs leaves stuffed by selecting the desired (the smallest on the hill will have the upper).
-If I are extra leaves (stuffed forks get too large), the other leaves (they, by the way, some time may lie in the refrigerator) I cook cabbage soufflé, rolls, stuffed cabbage …
-Stuff the forks can be in the evening, and cook it for another day – has already directly before serving. In this case, I keep stuffed forks “upside down” in cruets suitable for the size of the volume. Worried that collapse? – Forks tie crosswise (several times), twine or wrap it in foil. But I have not had to do – all perfectly kept.
-By the way, some housewives and begin first fork bake – right in the foil. And just before the end of cooking foil open, lubricate the forks and give him the opportunity browned. I always bake without foil, just watch to ensure that nothing is burnt, and, if necessary, put a piece of foil on the place that browned more than others.
-You can like cabbage cook and steam process, then it necessarily must first bind with twine or wrap in cheesecloth.
Hopefully stuffed cabbage cabbage you have to taste!

Enjoy your meal!

What kind of vegetables do you like stuff?

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