Stuffed shrimp baked in bacon.


tiger prawns in the shell — 12p. (200g)

salty crackers — 3pc.

shelled walnuts — a small handful (2-3sht.)

parmesan cheese — 30g

lemon juice — 3 tablespoons

olive oil extra virgin — 1 tbsp

Garlic — 1 clove

Oregano — 1/2 tsp

smoked bacon, sliced ​​- 6 strips


Shrimp washed, cleaned from the shell, keeping the tail.

With a sharp knife cut each shrimp along the abdomen, remove the intestines and reveal the shrimp so as to obtain the shape of a butterfly.

All cut and peeled shrimp folded into a bowl, pour the lemon juice (about 2 tablespoons) and leave to marinate.

Meanwhile, prepare the stuffing.

For this ground in a blender and walnuts crackers separately milled cheese.

In a pan fry in olive oil, crushed garlic clove with a knife, remove it and fry in the oil-nut cracker mixture of a couple of minutes.

Then mix it with shredded cheese, add the remaining lemon juice, oregano and mix. I do not add salt because crackers and cheese is already salty.

Each strip bacon halved in length.

In the shorter strip lay spread-eagled the shrimp, put it about a teaspoon of the filling, bacon wrapped shrimp and put it on the prepared pan, the laid paper baking.

So do all the shrimp — I got them 12 pieces, filling a little left.

Bake in preheated oven at 190 * C for about 20 minutes until browned bacon.

Serve immediately!

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