Stuffed pumpkin in Armenian (seize)

Stuffed pumpkin in Armenian (seize).

фарш тыква по армянски

You will need:

-Pumpkin -1.5kg
-rice – 100g
-butter – 100g
-Sugar – 50g
-plums (pitted) – 100g
-raisins – 1/2 cup
-apples – 200g
-salt, cinnamon – to taste.

Choose a pumpkin on the number of required servings (about 4-5 servings of pumpkin capacity of 1.5 liters). Whole pumpkin is well washed, cut off the top, remove the seeds with a spoon fruit pulp and thoroughly wash the pumpkin in cold water.

Preparation of stuffing

Edible parts of the pulp separated from the seeds and finely chop.

Add boiled until half rice, raisins, plum, finely chopped apples, cinnamon and salt to taste.

Get stuffed pumpkin and fill it tightly cut before the tip.

Put the pumpkin on a greased sheet and bake in a moderately heated oven until soft. If the upper crust begins to burn, cover the pumpkin with foil or paper soaked in cold water.

Pumpkin served hot, cut into portions and watering every boiling ghee.

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