Stuffed cabbage with mushrooms.

Stuffed cabbage with mushrooms.

голубцы с гриб

-cabbage leaves 10 pcs.
-500g mushrooms.
-onion 1 piece.
-1/2 cup boiled rice
-tomato paste 2 tbsp. l.
-1 cup water
-salt to taste
-vegetable oil – for frying to taste

Cabbage leaves slops, put in a pot of boiling water and cook for 3 minutes. Then Throw in a colander.
Bow to clean, swill and we shall cut finely.
Mushrooms swill and we shall cut into small pieces.
Spasseruem onions in hot oil until golden.
Then add the onion to the pan with the mushrooms and fry until cooked. Remove the pan from the heat and cool.
In a bowl join the contents of the pan, boiled rice and salt. All mix well.
Cooked stuffing Share on each cabbage leaf and wrap the edges letter envelopes.
Fry the stuffed on both sides until golden on the hot frying pan with oil and add in a greased form.
In water, dissolve the tomato paste and mix well.
The resultant solution uniformly in a mold volem stuffed cabbage.
Simmer until cooked cabbage rolls in a preheated oven at 380F degrees.
Then we’ll get out of the oven, put in the dish and will submit to the table.

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