Stew “Halloween” beef with pumpkin in a dark beer

-Beef  – 500 g
-Butter – 30 g
-Bay Leaf – 2 pieces
-Beer dark (I took Tuborg Black) – 0.5 l
-Pumpkin (pumpkin flesh is half the average) – 0.5 pc
-Leek (10 cm or 2 medium onions onions) – 1 piece
-Carrots (average) – 1 piece
-Garlic – 5 tooth.
-Sugar – 1 hour. L.
-Cinnamon – 0.15 h. Liter.
-Black pepper

Cooking method: 

onion cut into rings.
meat trimmed of films, cut into pieces of approximately 3 x 3 cm. Heat the butter in a wok or deep skillet with a thick bottom. Sprinkle the meat with salt and pepper, fry over high heat until crisp – sealing surface to save juice. Throw the meat and fry the onion for 5 minutes. Cut the garlic slices and also throw in the meat. Add the cinnamon, sugar and bay leaf.

Fill a bottle of beer, close the lid and put on a small fire stew for 2 hours, stirring occasionally meat in a wok. Of all the alcohol evaporates beer and left a rich velvety grain note.

Cut carrots into small cubes, toss to protushennomu meat. After 20 minutes, toss in chopped stew same caliber as beef, pumpkin. Please be ready 20 minutes more.

are served with rice or mashed potatoes. It can be served as a separate dish – I did serve.

Important note – tastier let stand and serve the next day.

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