Steam cutlets with almonds, thyme and pesto.

I never thought that I, a passionate lover of all fatty and fried, will praise cooked chicken fillet burgers steam. But they turned out really, really tasty. Juicy and tender, with a delicate aroma of thyme and crunchy nuts inside.

To prepare two portions (8 pieces) steam cutlets we need:

• 2 chicken fillets;
• 100-150 g feta cheese, or cheese;
• a few sprigs of thyme;
• a handful of almonds;
• crisp salad plate;
• pesto to taste;
• 2 tsp shredded Parmesan cheese *.

* Optional, I was just an extra.

Cooking method: 
1. From the fillet, almond, cheese and minced thyme prepare heterogeneous.

2. Lepim of minced meat patties and send them for 20 minutes in a double boiler.

3. Put the plates torn lettuce. Top patties. Water them pesto (I have purchased and quite thick, so dilute it 1: 1 olive oil) Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

4.Cutlets are ready. And tasty, and useful.

паровые котлеты с миндалем1

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