Steaks Fish with tomatoes


4 steaks of white fish (cod and haddock), weighing 200 g each,
6 tomatoes,
a sprig of fresh basil,
juice of 1 lemon,
4 small pieces of butter,
fresh basil for decoration.


1. Sprinkle the fish with lemon juice and leave in the form of broiler for 30 minutes.
2 tomatoes cut into 4 pieces and remove their skin.
3. Finely chop the basil.
4. Place the tomatoes on the fish steaks and sprinkle with basil. Cover with slices of butter and steak wrapped in foil.
5. Bake in the oven heated to 200 degrees for 25 minutes, until the fish is ready, and will not begin to disintegrate.
6. Serve garnished with fresh basil.

Serve with boiled new potatoes, peas and carrots. Lemon juice can be replaced with lime juice or orange and tomato – cream. Each serving of steak should be wrapped in foil. Serve deploying foil, but not removing it.

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