Steakhouse Blue Butcher

Steakhouse Blue Butcher
Steakhouse camera dry ripening of salt in the center of Hong Kong.

Along with the wine culture of China is actively developing the philosophy of steak houses. In the club of the amateurs of the steak officially entered Hong Kong, opened the city’s first steak house with the camera dry ripening of salt.

As planned by the owners steakhouse interior Blue Butcher had to endure guest places in New York 20-ies. “Grandma’s apartment” applied design mix style loft and to recreate the atmosphere of the last century. From the first interior got brickwork, sometimes bare floors and openings without doors. Second handed inherited artificially aged parquet.



The spirit of the time emphasize the decoration and vintage stuff, presented decorative vases, typewriters and antique clocks. Worn leather chairs and wooden tables seem to be focused on the past, but at the same time do not contradict the concept of interior steak houses. Additional plaque vintage interior gives the dim lighting. Most lamps styled under the street lights. In the VIP-hall chandelier light source are collected from a variety of kitchen knives.


Blue Butcher adheres to the old recipe classical aging meat in combination with modern training technology. His guests steakhouse Prime offers meat category. The aging of the meat takes place directly at the restaurant where this camera is equipped with a dry ripening, whose walls are lined with brick of pink salt. To prepare steaks using the best cuts segment prime cuts.



Many products are available in a steakhouse with local farms. The ingredients for the dishes he personally chooses the chef Danny Cheney restaurants. In addition to Blue Butcher Steakhouse menu features meat dishes such as veal cheeks, tartare of beef, Wagyu meat balls and pork Kurobuta.

The Blue Butcher did not emphasize the fact that in a couple of meat served wine. Although steakhouse boasts a rich wine list focuses on cocktails. Most of them have the background and bar cards have become a source of inspiration time of “prohibition”.




Hong Kong, 108 Hollywood Road,
Central District

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