Steak Breton

Steak Breton.

-Butter 50 g.
-Beef Tenderloin 600 gr.
-Onions 50g.
-Vegetable oil 25 g.
-Parsley to taste
-Ground black pepper to taste
-Salt to taste

Meat lightly beat off, to rub salt and pepper, sprinkle with oil and leave for half an hour on a platter.
Put in a pan or in a roasting pan with very hot butter and fry on both sides until a crispy crust, but inside the steak to remain slightly moist.
Butter mixed with onion, parsley and a pinch of pepper.
Smear the resulting green oil on the bottom of a deep dish, put a steak in it, cover the dish and put the dish on the water bath for 5-7 minutes.
Pour meat juice from the pan and serve with mashed potatoes.


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