Spring rolls.

Spring rolls, spring rolls, or as they are often called. A delicious dish that is quickly and easily prepared.

• rice paper,
• Green (I arugula and spinach)
• shrimp,
• colored vegetables (my avocado, cucumber, peppers, radishes)
• sesame,
• wheat germ, soy (I was not)
• boiled rice noodles (optional).

Cooking method:      
1. Shrimp boil. I just throw in the frozen food steamer for 5-7 minutes. Cool.

2. Radish cut translucent slices.

3. Cucumber cut into fine strips.

4. Pepper cut arbitrarily, but also very thin.

5. Avocado cleared. Sprinkle with lemon juice or lime to the fetus is not darkened.

6. Cut the avocado into thin slices and also sprinkled with lemon juice or lime.

7. When all the vegetables are cut, we can start working with the paper.

8. Soak the paper in the water at the time specified on the package (I have 20 seconds). It should be soft and pliable.

9. We spread the paper on a clean towel and blotted from both sides.

10. Step back a little from the top, left and right edges, spread almost all elements of filling in random order.

Getting roll fold – is doing a half-turn.

On a roll of paper lay on top of beautiful leaves (nicely with mint turns out) and shrimp. We turn to roll completely.

On the front side must be prawns with herbs, covered with one layer of paper. The tips of the paper wrap on the “back.” If desired, they can be a little cut.

11.Serve rolls with soy sauce.
Bon Appetit.

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