Sponge cake with apples

Sponge cake with apples

This easy to prepare and very fragrant and delicious cake can prepare even the most young and inexperienced hostess, is just starting to learn the basics of cooking. But, for all its ease of manufacture it turns out to be very successful: sweet, with lots of apples, moderately sweet and airy.

• eggs (3 pcs.);
• sugar (1 tbsp.);
• flour (1 tbsp.);
• vanilla sugar and salt;
• Apples (3-4 pcs.).

How to cook:
1. Dense, ripe, undamaged, clean the apples from the middle (leaving the peel) and chop lengthwise slices.
2. Beat the eggs in a large container, add sugar to it and start to quickly grind them up to give a light fluffy masses.
3. Enter into the mix a pinch of vanilla sugar and salt to enhance the flavor.
4. Pour the flour in bulk and keep whisking gently until dough is thick, smooth.

5. Form abundantly lubricate any vegetable fat and half the dough gently spread around its perimeter.
6. Thin slices of apples lay on a crumb, fill them with the remaining flour weight, top cover with another layer of fruit weight.
7. Bake gingerbread cake in the hot air oven (180 degrees) to the dry kindling around 25-30 minutes.
8. Once the cake has cooled, place the air and a porous cake on a plate, cut into small segments and serve with the herbal tea, coffee or cold milk.

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