The French call the spinach the “king of vegetables” and “broom of the stomach.” The first is given the nickname of the culinary properties of this spice plants, the second – for the healing.

Culinary file:

Spinach – a one-year spicy vegetable, the leaves of which are commonly used in food. Spinach has a sweet aroma and slightly sour taste.
Eat fresh spinach, steamed, stewed, fried, frozen, dried or canned in the form of boiled mashed potatoes.
Young green spinach put in salads, soups (nettle soup, okroshka), sauces, hot egg dishes, meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, served with cheese, bacon, toast, cream, pine nuts, tomatoes, beans, peas, rice .
The thawed spinach is suitable for salads, soups, salad mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, omelets, spinach cream snack, side dish to meat, chicken and fish, fillings for pies, casseroles, and others.
Dried and canned spinach is good as a source of vitamins in the winter. This spinach added to soups and main courses of meat and fish.
Chef’s Tip: To dish of spinach was delicious, you need to fill it with a mixture of fresh lemon juice and olive oil (at a ratio of 1 tbsp. Tablespoon butter 1 tsp. Juice). Or add to a dish to the little green spinach sorrel.
Spinach goes well with nutmeg, citrus zest, black pepper, dill, fennel, parsley, basil and other spices.

Application for medicinal purposes:

Spinach strengthens the immune system, improves metabolism, purifies the blood vessels, strengthens the musculoskeletal system, reduces the risk of blindness, heart attack, cancer.
Dishes with spinach stimulate the activity of the pancreas, salivary gland and intestines, give strength to recover.
Spinach also useful in diseases of the nervous system, exhaustion, anemia, hypertension, diabetes, gastritis, enterocolitis. Spicy vegetables – healthy basis of many diets.
Treatment of spinach is not recommended for patients suffering from urinary, pochechno-, cholelithiasis, and gout.


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