Spicy salad

Spicy salad.

200 g of chicken
200g of ham
3 halves of pepper (½ red, ½ yellow, ½ green)
200g canned chanterelles (mushrooms can be replaced or mushrooms)
200g canned pineapple
30g walnuts
30g raisins

1. Chicken boil, cool and cut into strips.
2. ham and peppers and cut into strips.
3. Raisins 5 minutes pour boiling water, then – decant the water.
4. mushrooms decant liquid. The large – cut into strips, leaving little intact.
5. Pineapple cut into small pieces.
6. Walnuts lightly fry after – finely chopped with a knife.
7. All the ingredients mix and mayonnaise.

пикантный сал


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