Spicy pork with cheese and mushrooms in the oven.

• Pork
• Tomato
• Champignon
• fresh hot peppers
• Garlic
• cheese
• a mixture of peppers, salt
• vegetable oil
• Mayonnaise

1. Grate the pig with salt, sprinkle with a mixture of peppers with a knife to make a hole and put in the long chopped garlic and put into a container

previously carpeted with foil (foil a little bit of grease with vegetable oil).

2. Lay together with a couple of mushrooms.

3. Now grated three mushrooms, cheese, finely cut pepper hot red, add to this all just a tablespoon of mayonnaise for a bunch and mix well.

4. The mixture is gently and nicely spread on pork.

5 are then sent to the oven temperature of about 200 ° C for about 30 minutes, and can even less.

Bon Appetit!

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