Spicy food prolongs life.

In a specially conducted a study in which scientists from China were trying to establish the main causes of premature death it was established that spicy food prolongs the life of man.

To conduct their research, Chinese experts were invited to participate in excess of five hundred thousand people, the age that starts with 39 and ended 79 years. Before the experiment, the volunteers were forced to undergo an examination that would confirm their excellent state of health. They are also seven years were under the selective control of scientists.

Before becoming parties to study the subjects and learned their diet, where they work and how to earn, whether they are a healthy way of life and even what their education.

Over the period of a scientific experiment than twenty thousand participants have died for certain reasons. However, scientists were able to establish that if a person at least once every seven days in their diet had a spicy food, then he risk of early death was reduced by fourteen percent.

More experts have determined that the thing is a component of hot pepper capsaicin called. It was also determined that the fresh pepper present substance is much larger than in dried or that applied in any dish.


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