Spicy carrot salad.

Spicy carrot salad.

• Carrot 500 g
• Cucumbers 200g
• Garlic cloves 1 piece.
• Fresh ginger 3 cm
• Soy sauce 50 ml
• Sesame oil 40 ml
• Sesame 20g

1. Take carrots and clean it, then cut into fairly thin strips, but you can rub it on a grater, which is used for the preparation of the Korean carrots.Cut into thin slices 2.Potom cucumber and add it to the carrot.

3. Now clean fresh ginger and garlic. Garlic must be cut into small pieces, ginger and grate on a fine grater. Then everything is fine grind in a mortar until you get a homogeneous mass.

4. Then add the oil, soy sauce and mix well.

5.Vlivaem salad dressing, mix, give the stand for about 30 minutes. in a cool place.

Carrot salad serve, sprinkle with a little sesame.

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