Spanish classics: Chicken Chilindron.

Spanish classics: Chicken Chilindron.

Generally chilindron – it’s not a dish, but a thick vegetable sauce. The composition with tomatoes and peppers give it a beautiful orange color. Also includes onions, garlic and, of course, olive oil.

With sauce chilindron in Spain are preparing two traditional dishes – chicken and lamb with the same name. To use chilindron lamb leg of lamb, sauce and chorizo ​​sausage. And for chicken – whole chicken, cut into pieces, sauce and ham. Both food preparation technology is very simple. Separately preparing the sauce separately roasted meat and ham / chorizo, after which all of the ingredients together in a single container and stew on low heat.

Making the recipe of chicken, but not taken the whole bird, just the leg.

To prepare two servings

we need:
• 500 grams of chicken drumsticks (4-5 pieces);
• 1/2 white onion;
• 2 sweet peppers red / yellow / orange flowers;
• 150 ml of chopped tomatoes in juice;
• 150 ml dry white wine;
• 5-6 slices of ham;
• a couple cloves of garlic;
• 1/3 hot chili peppers.

Cooking method:                
1. Bake peppers in the oven, steamed in the package and remove the skins.

2. grind hot pepper and garlic. Onions cut into half rings, pepper – is arbitrary.

3. multivarka select mode hot (150 degrees, 30 minutes) or put the pan over high heat.

4. olive mastitis alternately fry onions, ham and chicken.

5. Next, select the “quenching” (30 minutes). If the pan is used, shift the chicken to the skillet.

6. Add the remaining ingredients to the bird – vegetables, ham, wine and simmer over low heat for 30 minutes.

7.Served at the table.


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